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Army Martial Arts Association Welcomes the New Vice Chairperson Major Karen Owen

By February 1, 2021 No Comments

Major Karen Owen started her martial arts Journey, in 2009, when she joined a civilian Karate club in Fleet, Aldershot. Karen joined the Army Karate Team in 2011 and was selected for the Army Karate squad in 2012. She has been very successful during this time, winning at Army and Combined Service level. In 2015 she was selected to represent England at the 6th World United Karate Federation (WUKF) World Karate Championship, to be held in Dublin in 2016. Following on from her success at the 6th WUKF World Championships, she was selected for the KKO GB Squad in 2017 and went on to become the WUKF World and European Champion in 2018. Karen went on to defend her World Title at the 8th WUKF World Karate Championship, in 2019, successfully holding onto her title and becoming WUKF World Karate Champion for the second time.

“I am currently the Chairperson for the AGC Martial Arts Association, these two roles will interlink and provide advice and guidance to all Martial Artists across the various disciplines within the Army. I look forward to the challenges this appointment may bring and the support and experience I can offer to all that play a role within Martial Arts.”