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Army WT Development and Grading Course 2-6 March 2020

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Army WT Development and Grading Course 2-6 Mar 20

26 Service Personnel including Army Reserves and one RAF SP  enjoyed a full week of Taekwondo training at the Army Combat Sports Centre over the period 2-6 Mar 20.  Novices, intermediates and Dan grades worked hard throughout the week taking part in full contact sparring (Kyorugi), patterns (Poomsae), self-defence and technical aspects of Taekwondo.  All attendees improved their Taekwondo skills with one or two standing out and showcasing their skills as potential Army players.  10 personnel also successfully completed a British Taekwondo grading with six advancing to 8 Kup (yellow) and one senior grading to third Dan.

This was a huge success, with excellent attitudes and application shown throughout. Well done to all those involved in this event and congratulations to all those who graded.

Next course is scheduled for Sep 20.  POC