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Army WT Taekwondo Training Camp 21-25 Feb 22

The Combat Sports Centre hosted the Army World Taekwondo training camp over the period 21-25 Feb 22. This brought together a great mix of seasoned players, complete novices and previously unidentified talent to undertake full contact sparring, self-defence and traditional aspects of the British Taekwondo (BT) syllabus. The social media campaign and advertising had worked well and this was the best attended training camp so far with 35 Taekwondo practitioners taking part, including Regulars and Reserves, progressing under the guidance of one of the leading GB Taekwondo instructors, Mr John Harrison and ably supported by Army coaches. The training camp also welcomed the AMAA President, General Eldon to oversee training on 23 Feb 22 and he was impressed with the skills, attitude and commitment of coaches and players. All practitioners benefitted exponentially from the progressive and focussed training and seven SP successfully undertook BT, national governing body (NGB) gradings and promotions. The camp also offered the opportunity for four coaches to begin the training pathway (academic and vocational) for the new NGB coaching award and this will be completed later in 2022. The next course will be in Oct 22, and the team will enter the Interservices’ in Jul 22, as the reigning champions (19-1-0).