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Athletes Selected for TASS and BAE Scholarship Scheme 2021

The Army Elite Sport programme has released the results for the TASS and BAE scholarship scheme 21/22.  It was another very competitive board but we are very pleased to announce that it has been a very successful year for Army Martial Arts.  We are delighted that 5 x athletes from three disciplines have been selected for the TASS programme and 15 x athletes have been selected for the scholarship programme. Huge congratulations to all those selected and on behalf of the AMAA we wish them every success.

In particular we would like to congratulate the following athletes representing Army Martial Arts. Well done!


LCPL Rowan – Karate

CPL Johnston – Karate

GDSM Howe – Karate

SGT Guba – Taekwondo

PTE Bladek – Taekwondo

BAE Scholarships:

LCpl Kira Donaldson – Karate

LCpl Michaela Foster – Karate

WO2 Brian Hall – Karate

SSgt Hayley Hall – Karate

Maj Karen Owen – Karate

SSgt Ratsey – Karate

Lt Merisoui – Karate

LBdr Rees – Karate

RFN Rumba – Taekwondo

LCpl Ricky Bellingham – BJJ

SSgt Andrew Capper – BJJ

Bdr Josh Gibbs – BJJ

Sgt Leon Hinds – BJJ

2Lt Charlotte McIntyre – BJJ

CSgt Christopher Steel – BJJ