What could be better than getting fit and healthy while learning to defend yourself? There are many benefits to taking up Martial Arts, the main ones being stamina, flexibility, strength, balance, muscle tone, self-confidence and focus. There are a wide variety of Martial Arts programmes all of which are gender free and have no age limit, the Army currently recognises 6. It may be worth researching these disciplines to see which one/ones you would be interested in trying out. Information on each discipline can be found on this website.

Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu – This focuses on using the opponents’ strength, weight and force of attack against them.

ITF Taekwondo – Considered the more traditional, focused on self-defence. This is about disciplining yourself to make your movements fluid and graceful yet deliberate. It is a great way of teaching self-control.

WT Taekwondo – Considered more modern, focused on sparring, enhancing spirit and life through training the body and mind.

Karate – Promotes self-discipline and mental agility it’s a skilful combat sport.

Kendo – Not deemed through physical ability, measured through commitment, compassion, humility and self-control.

Weapons – Training using hand held weapons.

There are many opportunities to get involved in Martial Arts, you could try contacting a local club for a visit or just simply get in touch with us and we will go through the process with you, whatever your query we look forward to hearing from you.

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