Can I compete in Army Competitions during Phase 1 training? 

No. Unfortunately ‘Troops under Training’ are unable to enter Army Championships.


Where can I find the Admin Instructions and eligibility criteria for an event or competition? 

Admin Instructions and Joining Instructions can be found on Defence Connect and on the ASCB Martial Arts web-page, included in these documents will be the eligibility criteria for that event or competition.


Can I get support and funding for my training? 

Yes, but only if it is one of the six recognised disciplines within the AMAA. Unfortunately if your chosen sport is not one of the six then it does not carry an ‘on duty’ status, therefore you will not receive any funding towards your training.


Who do I contact for a specific discipline? 

Contact information for discipline leads can be found on the AMAA webpage, under the committee tab.  Contact information can also be found on the individual discipline pages on the website.