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ITF Taekwondo, otherwise known as Traditional Style Taekwondo, was founded in the Korean military over 60 years ago and is distinctly recognisable by the use of impressive aerial and spinning kicks.

ITF has been likened to the Kickboxing style of fighting as players are able to use a range of kicks and hand techniques to score points on their opponents.

This fast paced sport is an excellent means of improving cardiac conditioning due to its short burst, high intensity nature but also creates the foundation of improved flexibility of the joints and all round balance in the body.

Opportunities exist in Army ITF Taekwondo for competitors of all capabilities to come and experience the sport for themselves at training camps throughout the year. Regular competitions are run each month on the civilian circuit to gain valuable mat time and put the fighters’ skills and drills to the test against similar grade opponents for a chance to make it to the podium.

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Army ITF Lead - Capt Stuart Wordingham Email Discipline Lead

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