Joining the AMAA

There are two categories of membership of the Army MAA:

  • Individual Members. Individual membership is open to all Regular, Reserve, NRPS, FTRS and MPGS of the British Army as defined in the rules of the Association who hold a current registration issued by the Association. Membership costs £10 per year.
  • Life Members. At the discretion of the Executive of the Association, individuals who have retired from the Army and have made a significant contribution to the Association may be offered Life membership of the Association. Life Members are elected by a two-thirds majority of the Executive Committee present and voting at an Executive Committee meeting.

Membership Enquiries
Lt Col Dave Campey MBE, Fox Lines, Aldershot, GU11 2LB| Tel: Mil 94222 7079 Civ 01252 787079 Email:

Download membership application form