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Kendo – the Way of the Sword – is the Japanese martial art of fencing.  It is descended from the swordsmanship of the samurai and today is a full-contact sport.  Competitors use bamboo swords to attack designated strike zones on their armoured opponents, and men and women of all ages train and fight together. Army Kendo holds a one-week beginners course every year in March.  All clothing and equipment is provided and regardless of previous experience participants will be of a sufficient standard to compete in the Army Championship at the end of the week.  Expressions of interest are welcomed throughout the year and unit demo events can be supported upon request. Anyone with prior experience who is interested in joining the squad is invited to contact the OIC at any time, even if you are ungraded.  Funding is available for entering individual and team competitions and support is also offered for training camps, seminars and gradings.

Individual Association members practising martial arts in civilian clubs are required to be affiliated to the national governing body of their respective disciplines. The rules for competition, for insurance and medical requirements of these governing bodies are adopted by the Association and are used as standards from which Army MAA events are organised. The respective governing body for Kendo is British Kendo Association.

Contact Details

Army Kendo Lead - Maj Chris Jones Mil: 96161 4521 Email Discipline Lead

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