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Taekwondo is a Korean Martial Art and an Olympic Sport.  There are two styles of Taekwondo (World Taekwondo – Olympic) and (International Taekwondo Federation).  Both styles are similar but with some differences in the contact levels and delivery of traditional patterns.  Taekwondo, the art of hand and foot is a dynamic and fast martial art.  On the sport side kicking is allowed to the head and body. New and experienced practitioners can learn and develop WT Taekwondo skills.  This includes opportunities to grade by following the British Taekwondo syllabus and to take part in regular military and national competitions.  There are currently two, one week Development and Grading Courses per year, which run in Mar and Oct under the guidance of a 6th Dan and the OiC. WT Taekwondo is an Olympic full-contact and fast moving sport which is scored by electronic sensors.  Other aspects include traditional application (Poomsae/Patterns), Self-Defence, Technical Pre-arranged (Taekwondo application, locks, escapes, takedowns etc.) and Power Demonstrations (board breaking). For those with clear talent and potential there are scholarship schemes which could be awarded and support further development and wider competition entry.

Individual Association members practising martial arts in civilian clubs are required to be affiliated to the national governing body of their respective disciplines. The rules for competition, for insurance and medical requirements of these governing bodies are adopted by the Association and are used as standards from which Army MAA events are organised. The respective governing body for World Taekwondo is British Taekwondo, formally known as the British Taekwondo Control Board (BTCB); British Taekwondo Council.

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